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Design & Water Management Consultancy

No matter of the size, type or location of the site for an outdoor event/stadium show, Tempsite Installations Ltd can provide the best temporary plumbing installation and water supply/distribution solutions, tailored to the clients’ needs.

We have experience in sites with full water mains to sites with small water supply available to completely dry sites with no water available at all.

Likewise we have expertise in all types of plumbing installation:

  • full temporary installations designed with tanks, pipes, pumps, etc installed above ground level and removed after the event
  • installations supported by designated mains water supplies around site that are utilized for connections and installations of pipes, etc above ground level and removed after the event, adhering to all by-laws, rules and regulations
  • full temporary infrastructure installations-designing and installing site specific water main that is temporarily connected to specifically designed water storage and pump system. In turn, it creates a temporary main supply throughout the event

Whatever your requirements are, we will accommodate them all.

The service includes liaising with all relevant parties, i.e., water authorities, Environmental Health, site visits, CAD drawings, calculations, risk assessment and all other Health and Safety documentation, biological samples arrangement, etc.

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